Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Admin Note: Comments Back Up?

Shoot. Someone told me comments have been screwed up here, and now I'm having trouble posting this post. Sorry about the errors. Not sure what's up.

Coming soon: Review of Shell station, report of new bar at Beacon and Columbian.


LM said...

2nd test

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to hear what you know about a bar at Beacon and Columbian! Do tell!

I can tell you that I heard from my neighbor that the liquor license application at El Qutezel is delayed because they have to have a separate men's and women's restroom before applying and they're still in the process of constructing another restroom. They are definitely working on it, so it should happen soon :)

Anonymous said...

I live in that neighborhood by Beacon and Columbian. The bar will be called Saigon9. I don't know if they've been granted a liquor license yet; from what I've read they are still in the "Good Neighbor Agreement" stages.

We were so hoping for an Italian restaurant with just beer/wine, not a full liquor license. It would have been nice to hang out in our own neighborhood but it's OK: we can take our $ to Georgetown and Columbia City.