Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Georgetown Pharmacy Building to Be Sold?

There's been some talk that some of the renters in the Miller Building -- the motorcycle guy, the Georgetown Pharmacy, Urban Press, and Griffin -- may have some tougher times ahead of them. Apparently one of the other renters is in the process of purchasing the building, and they're not saying a lot about wanting to try to keep the current tenants in place.

I haven't looked into any of this myself, but I don't doubt the source. And it seems so very likely. While I love the old Georgetown Pharmacy (and once planned to buy something there but it wasn't open yet), every time I pass by it, I'm amazed that it's still with us.

The motorcycle place:


Georgetown Pharmacy:



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Bruce said...

This is "my" pharmacy! I get my prescriptions only there. The folk are really nice, and cost competitive. Pharmacies like this are hard to find. Let's patronize the store as long as we can, if you know the buyer, try to influence their staying. All of Seattle is getting so yucky yupified-Georgetown is one of the last real Seattle's left. I hope the new landlord has the since to maximize that potential instead of just adding more bars and bistros to the area