Saturday, April 12, 2008

Before the Attack

Since I'll be unable to attend the Georgetown Art Attack tonight, I stopped by before things officially got started.

First I went to Fantagraphics to check out the drawings by Drew Friedman, whose mean, sad, funny work has fascinated me ever since my husband introduced me to it eight years ago. I didn't buy the two books we don't already own or the signed silkscreen for the show because I figure my husband will go and spend his money on these things as soon as he reads this.

Then I headed north.



Then I went to Full Throttle Bottles and finally met Erica and her guy. I'm glad that this was the smallest space available to her, so she had to stock wine as well as beer. Since I'd just come from Wine Outlet -- where I picked up some Chateauneuf du Pape for a birthday present and some (premier cru -- so fancy looking!) Chablis to bring to a dinner tonight -- I did not buy any wine, even though all bottles here are priced under $30.


FYI -- she also carries small selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including N/A beer, Reed's extra ginger beer, Crater Lake root beer (made with cane sugar), and a couple other small-production sodas.

I didn't peruse the large beer selection too closely, but I did notice some oddball stuff, like a beer from Croatia.



Erica opened the back door of her shop to the place next door, also owned by her landlord, John Bennett. It's a cool private space where he keeps his jukebox collection and other coin-op stuff. He sometimes opens it up for public events, like this Art Attack. They were still setting up a barbecue out back but he let me wander around and take photos.












Damn, that BBQ picture is making me hungry.

I also dropped by Georgetown Tile Works and saw a really cool leather bag by a local artist who used to work down at All City. She incorporates metal art into her handiwork. I wish I'd taken a photo. I also went to George to get a birthday card and saw some really reasonably priced paintings on old windows. The cityscape one with the Christmas lights behind it looked especially cool.

OK, I'm going to get ready for dinner now. My neighbor Lisa-Marie is going to Art Attack tonight and she said she'd send me more photos and a report. You should go too. It's really, really nice out there.

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