Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From Beacon Hill to Bernal Heights

I've been in the Bay Area the last few days.

As soon as we got into town we checked out the Lee Friedlander exhibit at SF MOMA, which inspired me to start shooting street scenes with my point-and-shoot right after we got out of the museum.


I'm now too pregnant to zip up my coat.



An example of facadism. I'm glad they kept the front-facing wall of this building, even if the inside no longer exists.


Friday night we stayed with friends in Oakland, and Saturday we were passed off to our Fairfax friends for lunch, then to garden blogger Chuck B. from Bernal Heights, San Francisco, who drove us down to Santa Cruz on Sunday.

We went to the marine center at his alma mater, UC Santa Cruz.



And then to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. See the Twinkie stand on the left?


They ooze white filling. So gross.


One of the many rides I did not go on.


My husband and our wonderful host (far left and far right, respectively) checked out some of the rides while I waited.









Chuck's garden deserves its own post, so that's it for now.


chuck b. said...

That ride scared the pee out of me. Almost. The little girl leaned over to me before it took off and said, "I'm going to scream." But she didn't. I did. The whole time.

You guys are great guests; let me know if I can help if you ever need guest references.

Kerri Lydell said...

Hi there. I found you through chuck b. and I found him because I googled a plant that I picked up the other day. Since it didnt come with any info I jumped out on the web to do some investigating. I clicked his link to you and I had to chuckle a bit. I am in Sacramento and my husband just flew to Seattle for a photography seminar yesterday...anyway...I wanted to ask you where the building with the red doors and bistro tables is located. I would love to shoot an engagement session there! So if it is in SF I would love to know.
Enjoyed your blog as well as Chucks. I had a good laugh at his above comment...
Have a wonderful weekend!

JvA said...

Hey, Kerri. Here's the info for that place in SF's Financial District. Looks like Les Amis is now closed; not sure what's there now.