Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beacon Hill Man Charged with 2nd-Degree Murder

From the P-I website:

A Seattle man has been charged with second-degree murder, accused of repeatedly stabbing his wife with a 13-inch barbecue fork in front of their two young children Friday.

In filing the charges against Juan Carlos Bonilla, 33, King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg added an aggravating factor -- that the slaying was committed as an act of domestic violence.

Debra Lynn Bonilla, 38, suffered at least a dozen stab wounds, including one to her heart, in the attack at her Beacon Hill home. Despite the efforts of the staff at Harborview Medical Center, she died several hours after the attack. She had five children, three from a previous marriage.


Bonilla has a violent history of assaulting his wife, according to court documents.

In 2001, when the couple lived in Alaska, Bonilla allegedly beat his then-pregnant wife so badly, he broke her nose. He also allegedly threatened to stab her to death.

In 2003 in Minnesota, Bonilla was arrested for assaulting his wife, but it was unclear if he was convicted. Just last year, Seattle police arrested him again for assaulting her.

Debra Bonilla sought a protection order that day, writing in her petition that her husband threatened to kill her if she cheated on him and constantly believed she was unfaithful. ... [But she told a friend] that "the protection order was basically unenforceable because Juan Carlos would always come back and force his way into the house."


Anonymous said...

I'm sad that for some reason she was "trapped" in the marriage...maybe because of a convoluted understanding of "love", possibly for economic reasons, who knows. Man, I feel for those kids!

Anonymous said...

I'm so disgusted with how little coverage this has gotten in the press. If this was a mother of four north of the ship canal, can you imagine how this might have been covered differently? This entire situation just makes me so sad.